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We at makemyprint, are well equipped to take care of all your personalized requirements. Our customized printing services are of premium-quality, durable and perfect to add a personal touch to your spaces. Please follow these simple steps to order anything at makemyprint.


How to Measure

Wallpapers are expensive, so u need to be very careful when it comes to buying wallpaper.

Wrong measurement will end up with lot of wastage. So, be careful.

In order to measure your wallpaper, you have to consider what you require:

For Full Wall Coverings

For Partial Wall Coverings

Make registration marks along the area that you want to cover.

Send us your design

How to Choose Wallpaper Design for Interior Decor

Wallpapers are not only a practical and easy solution for vibrant interior design, they also reflect your personality, interests and creative flair. Therefore, choose your wallpaper carefully to add a personalized touch to your home or office interiors – without wasting time, effort or money.

You can buy thousands of high relution images from shutterstock or dreamstime or you can design it on a sheets of paper and we will convert your imagination into a stunning wallpaper.

For starters, here are few most important factors to consider while buying images or designing your own wallpaper:


The first essential step is to determine the orientation of the wallpaper. If your wall is horizontal, choose only horizontal designs; for vertically oriented walls, go for vertical wallpapers.


Once you have decided the orientation, measure your wall accurately to determine the exact size of the wallpaper required to cover it.


Just go by your imagination. Let it fly!


Your wallpaper must enhance the aesthetic value of your interior design, without making the interior space look squashed. Add a dramatic touch to your large rooms by covering entire walls with classy wallpapers to instill the mood. Big rooms feel cozy with darker wallpaper designs and striking themes. For smaller rooms that need to look spacious, go for the contemporary-chic look with cleaner lines and simpler geometrical prints.

Most wallpaper designs are pretty flexible and trimming the edges to achieve a perfect finish do
zes not harm the overall look. Always use a measuring tape to get the most accurate measurement. Finally, add a few extra inches along the sides of your wallpaper. This will give you a little breathing space in case of any odd mistakes!

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Use your Own Image

Warm, welcoming and friendly, your living room can exude a variety of emotions. Your cozy bedroom can set your dreams in motion, even before you lie down and call it a day. Your child’s playroom can be a melting-pot of bedtime stories, cute mischief and soaring ambitions. Your kitchen can stir hunger-pangs in your guests’ stomachs and your prayer room can reflect your spirituality and cultural heritage.

When you select the right wallpaper, you not only lend the right mood to every nook and corner of your living or working space but also allow your niche world to speak about you!

Print a Wallpaper gives you the opportunity to create your own customized wallpapers by using your choice of images and design ideas to reflect your persona and lifestyle – and for this, you need not even be a trained design professional!

Here’s how you can use your own image to create beautiful wallpapers that tell stories about you:

Check the Quality of Your Image
Uploading Your Image/ Photo/ Artwork
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Our printing materials are warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship. Some warranty limitations apply.

Easy Installation

Our wallpapers are designed for easy, DIY, no-mess installation. Using a little water, you can achieve a super-neat installation without any waste of material or effort!

When you buy your wallpaper from us, we send you detailed instructions on positioning and alignment of the wallpaper panels. Follow these instructions carefully and you can create an attractive, customized wall in minutes!

Install Your Wallpaper in 10 Easy Steps : GET. SET. GO!

Lo and behold, you have a beautiful striking wall.

Remember, most DIY jobs are better done with an extra pair of hands. Don’t forget to ask a friend for a little help while installing your wallpaper prints, especially on really big walls!

Wallpaper Care

Wallpapers work like magic. They breathe a new lease of life in a mundane setting. They transform an ordinary space into an extraordinary world. They make old walls come alive and silent walls talk! But most importantly, they mirror your personality, aesthetic sense and creativity.

Like all precious things, wallpapers too need to be taken care of, so that they continue to lend beauty, energy and vibrancy to your home or office interiors. The good news is that taking care of your wallpaper is not a painstaking task at all! In fact, it is a simple routine which, if followed on a regular basis, can ensure a longer life to your wallpaper.

Wondering where to start? Let us tell you how to take care of your wallpaper the easy way

Canvas Prints/

Check the Quality of Your Image
Uploading Your Image/ Photo/ Artwork
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Our printing materials are warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship. Some warranty limitations apply.