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  • Why can’t I see my graphics file in the file upload utility?

    You need to change the "Files of Type" dialog box away from the default of "HTML FILES" to "All Files (*.*)". The dialog box will then display all file types. We apologize for this inconvenience. It is an annoying feature of some older browsers.
  • How long will it take to upload my files?

    It will vary depending upon your file size, the speed of your Internet connection and the volume of Internet traffic at the time you send it. Check the approximate file upload times .
  • Do you have guidlines to help me correctly design my project?

    Guidlines are available on some of the product ordering pages in our FAQ section.
  • How can I tell what resolution the image from my digital camera is?

    Some digital cameras will let you know what the image resolution is, while others will tell you what the pixel dimensions of your image are. If you know what the pixel dimensions of your images are either from the camera itself or through the image editing software, you can do a little math to determine the resolution, and the size you can print the image at for clear and crisp printing. Simply write down the pixel dimensions of your image and divide those numbers by 300 if the image does not include text and 400 if the image does include text. For example: An image without any text has a pixel dimension of 600 x 900 pixels. Once each dimension is divided by 300 the result is 2 x 3 inches. This means that you can use this image at 2 x 3 inches or smaller in your layout for quality printing results. If your image editing software does not tell you what the pixel dimensions are, but it does tell you what the resolution is, then you know the maximum size you can use that image in your layout. We recommend that images be at 300dpi in their final size in the layout and 400dpi if the images include text. Please keep in mind that resolution and physical dimensions are in direct proportion to each other. If you have an image that is 2x2 at 300dpi and increase its size in the layout to 4x4 the new resolution is now 150dpi. So remember, when you bring an image in to your layout you can shrink it down in size (because the resolution will increase) but you will be limited as to how far you can increase it in size. See our Resolution page for more information on image resolution.
  • How should I take pictures with my digital camera?

    Digital cameras are wonderful tools that allow us to capture our images in many different ways. The camera is designed to actually take three pictures; one in red, one in green and the other in blue (similar to the way a projection TV works). It then combines the colors together and saves the image onto the picture card. It is very important to make sure that the camera is set to the highest quality setting possible. This means that if you can only save one image on the picture card instead of 12, 64 or 128 images, then this is good! You want to create the best quality picture that the camera can make. This will mean large file sizes and slow downloads from the camera itself, but it will get you the best possible results from your camera. Remember, images should be at 300dpi in their final size in the layout! More often than not, we notice that images that come from digital cameras print darker than expected on the printing press. Check to see if you have a brightness option in your image editing program to lighten the entire piece. If you have the opportunity to change the color space from RGB (red, green, blue) to the printing press colors of CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black), then do so! It is always better to have you change the color space if you can, than for us to do it. Remember, not all colors that you can see that are created by elements of light (RGB) can be created by the elements of ink (CMYK) on press. If you do not have this capability with your software, do not worry about it, we will change it for you for free! Finally, we recommend that you apply a little sharpening to the image. This will make the image a little crisper and will print better on press.
  • What is the difference between the RGB and CMYK color space and why does it matter?

    RGB refers to the primary colors of light, Red, Green and Blue, that are used in monitors, television screens, digital cameras and scanners. CMYK refers to the primary colors of pigment: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black. These are the inks used on the press in "4-color process printing", commonly referred to as "full color printing". The combination of RGB light creates white, while the combination of CMYK inks creates black. Therefore, it is physically impossible for the printing press to exactly reproduce colors as we see them on our monitors. Many programs have the capability to convert the layout/images from the RGB color space to the CMYK color space. We request that you convert your colors from RGB to CMYK if your tools allow you to. By doing it yourself, you have maximum control over the results. You may notice a shift in color when converting from RGB to CMYK. If you do not like the appearance in CMYK, we recommend that you make adjustments while working in CMYK (usually lightening). Generally, you should specify CMYK color builds that look a little lighter than you want, since the dots of ink "fatten up" on press, giving you more pigment on paper than you see on your monitor. Be especially careful to keep backgrounds light if there is black or dark colored text over it, so that the text remains readable. See our RGB and CMYK Information page for more details.
  • How well will my job match what I see on my monitor?

    Most people are surprised at how well their job matches what they see. But because of wide differences in monitor calibration and the different technologies used, some printed colors may not exactly match the colors on a your specific monitor. We do our best to make your job look good. See our design hints page for a more technical description.
  • What types of storage media do you accept?

    We can take your files on a CD, DVD or flash drive. Where to send it.
  • What other file formats can you take?

    We can take any Mac or PC version of Quark, Pagemaker, InDesign, CorelDRAW!, Illustrator, Photoshop, Freehand, Publisher, Word, PowerPoint, any file output as a PDF or listed on our File Formats page. If you have other file formats, we may be able to handle them, too. Just
  • Can I send you documents created in MS Word or PowerPoint?

    Absolutely! If you have created documents in Word or PowerPoint that contain photos, clip-art, or other color images, send them in. Same great service, same great pricing.
  • How do I view my proof?

    Just enter your order number in the Order Status box at the top of any page of our website and click the GO! button. If your order is at the proofing stage, the resulting page will have a link to view and approve your proof.
  • What if I want to change something on my order after I’ve placed it or approved the proof?

    We require an electronic "paper trail" for all changes made after your initial order is placed. You may make changes to such things as quantity, shipping method, or shipping address by sending us a mail. We cannot alter the order If we have already printed it.
  • Where can I check shipping transit status?

    We will provide you the shipment tracking details, which you can use to track the package online.
  • Shipping Services

    Our online shipping prices are valid within India. The courier services are available for major cities and metros, for remote areas, the courier company may ask you to get your prints collected from a nearest delivery centre.
  • How can I get my order even faster?

    We offer 2nd day delivery only in Delhi NCR. Our standard service is quite fast. For most products we ship your order within 4 days after you approve your proof online. In most parts of the country, you will have your order in about 5-7 days. If you want to receive your order faster, select one of our faster handling options or upgraded shipping options when you place your order.
  • How long will it take to get my order?

    Most jobs will be shipped within 4 business days after you approve your proof online. Please check the specific product ordering page for available turnaround times. Shipping by local courier takes from 1 to 5 business days to get to you depending on your location.
  • How long does it take for me to get the proof of my job?

    Once you have placed your order, you should get it within 3 business days after we receive your electronic files.
  • Is there a discount if I re-order my job?

    Yes, for exact reprints, we will give you 10% discount. There is no limitation on the quantity though.
  • Can I ask for FREE samples before I place my order?

    Yes. You can order a sample before you place any order. Please fill-up the ‘Ask for sample’ form and we will send you the samples based on your request. Please note that the final production may vary from the sample.
  • How well will my job match what I see on my monitor?

    This is very important. Most people are surprised at how well their job matches what they see. But because of wide differences in monitor calibration and the different technologies used, some printed colors may not exactly match the colors on your specific monitor. Please see our RGB - CMYK Information page for important instructions on getting the results you want. Our Design Hints page has additional information and illustrations.
  • What kind of paper will my job be printed on?

    We have several paper types available, depending on what you are ordering. The individual pricing pages show available options.
  • How do I order multiple pieces?

    To keep things simple, please mention the quantity in your cart and you will be notified with the order for confirmation and once we get the confirmation, we will start processing your order.
  • What is your phone number and operating hours ?

    You can call us at +91-9873431919 from 10am to 7pm MST Monday through Saturday. You can also send an email at any time.
  • What about privacy and security?

    No information we collect for order processing or from inquiries is shared with any other company or website. Your information is only used to contact you when necessary. Credit Card information is only used to bill you for products and services ordered. Our secure shopping cart uses the latest secure server technology. Your order is submitted and retrieved with a secure connection to our server and remains secure at all times. Most experts consider that ordering securely on the internet is as safe or safer than giving your information over the phone or to stores. Most cards have a Zero Liability policy for internet use and limit your liability in the case of fraudulent use of your card.
  • Can you print jobs that are different than the standard formats that you offer?

    Yes. Use can send us your requirements at Our technical support team will contact you to understand your requirement and will come back to your with a solution.
  • Is there an extra charge for bleeds?

    No. Unlike many other companies, all our prices include full bleeds free of charge.
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